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McGill FamSIG

McGill FamSIG

The Family Medicine Student Interest Group (FamSIG) is run by McGill medical students with a special interest in Family Medicine. Here are the events that took place so far this year.

Evening Conference with Dr. Cohen

Evening Conference with Dr. Cohen

Evening conference
This event took place on November 27th and was a frank success! Participants enjoyed free food while listening to Dr. Cohen’s great talk on How to build and manage your practice as a family doctor.

Rural talk
This event took place at Thompson House on February 7th and was targeting second year medical students, who will soon have to choose their rural or special family medicine rotations. Third year medical students gave presentations on their rural and special rotations, talking about the different characteristics of their sites, what they liked and disliked and the inspiring and fulfilling experiences they lived! Free pizza was provided!

Rural Talk

Rural Talk

Upcoming events!

Evening talks on Enhanced Skills Programs in Family Medicine (day/time/place TBA)
Come meet the Program Directors of the McGill Family Medicine Fellowships in Emergency, Maternal and Child Health, Palliative care and Clinical Research! They will give presentations on their programs and answer all your questions. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about the various +1 years in Family Medicine!

Our first event will be on March 12th and will consist of a conference with Dr. Roland Grad, the program director of the Clinical Research Fellowship, followed by a 5 à 7 with the McGill Faculty members performing clinical research in Family Medicine.

Post-match talk (tentative date: March 11th 2014, time and room TBA)
Come meet Med-4s who just finished the CaRMS application process and matched to Family Medicine across Canada! You will learn all about their strategies for choosing electives, their extra-curricular activities (including research), who and how to ask for reference letters, valuable details on the process of CaRMS interviews and the characteristics of the program to which they matched! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the CaRMS application process and to ask all your questions!

Skill’s day (tentative date: April 27th 2014, 1pm – 5pm, at Thompson House)
Come spend an afternoon with us to learn and practice different skill’s set that are very important for family doctors! We have invited residents to lead our different stations: suturing, intra-articular joint injections, MSK exam, neuro exam and Ob/Gyn exam. You will have hands on experience in a fun and relaxed environment. Snacks will be provided! A 5$ deposit is required.

La Petite Séduction in Abitibi (tentative date: May 17th to May 19th 2014)
La Petite Séduction is an all-expanse (plane, lodging, food, bus) paid 3-day week-end in Abitibi, to introduce students to the practice of Family Medicine in rural areas and try to convince students to practice in Abitibi as residents and a staffs. We will be visiting 3-4 different cities in Abitibi, visit various hospitals and have the opportunity to have lunch with Family Physicians and discuss the particularities of their practice. If you are interested in practicing in a rural area, this is an amazing opportunity to explore a remote area of Quebec and see the life and type of practice that Family Physicians have in those regions. Who knows? You might be seduced by the beauty of the region and by the incredible diversity of practice Family Physicians can have!

FaMSIG Gala (tentative date: May 29th 2014)
Join us to our famous Family Medicine Gala! Enjoy a delicious 4 services dinner for only 20$ and meet physicians and residents in family medicine with diverse interests. You will have the opportunity to meet each one of our guests, as physicians and residents will be rotating and changing tables after every service. This is a great chance to discover all the various opportunities family medicine has to offer. You don’t want to miss it! Dress-up and come with friends!

If you would like to have more information on these events, please visit our Facebook page.
If you have any questions or comments about our events, or if you want to join the team, do not hesitate to contact us.

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